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Think reverb soaked guitar twang. Think pounding drum beats. Think cheesy organ sounds. Think thumping bass vibes.

Shake all of that together – do not stir. Serve cool. That’s The Akulas.


Fine instrumentals, originating between the sun blasted shores of California and the dry deserts of Reverbistan. Surf influenced and beat rooted in Ghent since 2005.


The Akulas played at events such as Night of the Phantom (Democrazy - Vooruit Gent), Rockabilly Day (Assenede), European Bug In (Chimay), Triple Bill Surf Night (Gent),... and shared stages with bands such as Fifty Foot Combo (B), The Hypnotic Eye (UK), The Razorblades (D), Daikaiju (USA), The Mudmen (B), The Incredible Sucking Spongies (B), Pirato Ketchup (B), ....



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